Our laboratory was founded  by Professor Tony Clifford.  Professor Clifford and his colleagues initially at the University of Leeds alongside an institution in the USA were the first to study the properties of supercritical fluids which gave rise to the patent  S. B. Hawthorne, D. J. Miller, A. J. M. Lagadec, P. J. Hammond, A. A. Clifford, “Method of manipulating the chemical properties of water to improve the effectiveness of a desired process”, US Patent 6352644, 2002.

The team at SCI Green innovations Ltd. base their work on the expertise developed over twenty years working with Professor Clifford.  Our research group have continued this bespoke research and development  using superheated water. We have the know-how.

What this means for our customers is that we know from “hands-on” research how to use supercritical fluids and superheated water to create real world processes and new intellectual property to add to our customers’ green story. Ask us how we can add to your green story.