Sci Green Innovations Ltd are rooted in research, growing through innovation. We have forty years of experience using supercritical fluids and superheated water. We know our science.

Our green extraction and purification techniques mean we are benign, not nasty, to the environment. This gives you, our customer, the green solutions that enhance your value and products within the circular economy.

We assist you to create innovative competitive advantage through our experience of extraction, purification, detoxification, biopolymers and fresh and waste biomass.

We like to think outside the box. We think there is no need to even be in a box. What box? We innovate so that we deliver the science that makes a difference to you and to our environment.

Working with you from inception of a new idea, through R & D, to scale up makes us a nimble and flexible partner. Choose us and choose science that delivers green solutions through innovation.