Our services help you plant a seed and watch it grow

Our Chemistry

We use clean solvents—like water, carbon dioxide and ethanol—which do not pollute the environment or leave undesirable residues in the products we make. This is why the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food-supplement and cosmetic industries use our services.

Bespoke Research and Developmentscigreencreatinggreenstory

Bring us your ideas and let us help you enhance your green story. We will research clean processes for the products you need us to manufacture. In our multi-use facilities, we work with supercritical fluids, superheated water and column chromatography and conduct quality control analysis of our science processes and products. Ask us what we can do for you. Large trees from tiny acorns grow.

The Supercritical Advantage

Our extensive experience with supercritical fluids enhances our research methods. This makes us a unique partner when you choose to add to the green story of your product or process. Our experience assures we provide simple scientific solutions that are quick to manufacture and cost effective.

Pilot Plant Innovation

We will take your research ideas into the pilot plant. This means we help our clients to move from research to process, from ideas to money. We scale up our ideas and in partnership with you, look at the total process of moving innovations to production. We are an ideas company that knows how to grow a money tree.

Production Process

We work with our clients to take ideas to production and manufacture. We can commission equipment for manufacture at our site in North Yorkshire or we can build a plant at your location. Once the production process is in place, we will train, support and service the plant or look at your next process innovation. We are a “can do” company.