Our Mission

Our mission is to use our science to create green non-polluting answers to difficult questions. We focus on working with countries, companies, teams and individuals to create innovation and protect it through patents. We approach each of our clients as unique individuals and attempt to create the solution that works for their business.

We want to collaborate with companies whose dreams are to make the planet a better place for our children by putting the heart into science  and making dreams of a clean, green world a reality for more people on the planet today. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

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How We Got Here

SCI Green Story

SCI Green Innovations Ltd were incorporated in 2016 as an employee purchase after the death of their leader Professor Tony Clifford who established the laboratory in 1999 after being the professor of chemical technology at Leeds University, UK. The research team have been working in supercritical and subcritical fluid techniques and processes since this time and have worked on the following types of projects: - 

1. Separation Chemistry – for our client in Scotland, we solved the problem of purifying polyethylene glycol which was contaminated with benzoic acid and created a bespoke separation unit which is sited with the customer. 

2. De-toxification Chemistry -for our client in Belgium, we developed a product which was a selective absorbent for the removal of impurities from wine such as pesticides and aflatoxins. With this client we progressed from the bench science to relocation of a 700 Litre separation vessel to Belgium where it is currently sited. 

3. Extraction Chemistry – we are experts in biomass extraction and for past clients have extracted polyphenol and polysaccharides from apples, and seaweeds and colours from various natural products such as blackberries, aronia and beetroot and many others. We are well placed to work with clients who wish to add value to downstream low value products. 

4. Clean -up Chemistry – Our client wanted us to reduce metal contamination from a high-performance polymer which was required for the semiconductor industry. We achieved clean of their starting material to enable their process.