Case study #1

Collaboration with Toyota Tsusho

“The idea that’s commodities as an asset class is finished is just fundamentally flawed” ~ Blythe Masters 

We have been working under a memorandum of agreement with Toyota Tsusho since 2016 to 2020 to recycle carbon fibres currently locked into composites for the automotive industry.  Currently the energy to recycle carbon fibres is less than producing new fibres and our method has tensile strength  advantages over and above those produced via other methods.

As an innovation-based company it is important for SCI Green Innovations to establish innovation points in technology development at both the experimental phase in the laboratory and in the scale up and design of the production process. 

Our technology has moved from proof of concept to creation of a semi production process partially funded by the EU.  Our process for asset liberation or reprocessing has advantages over other processes currently being invested globally. 

SCI Green Innovations Ltd welcome investors who may be interested in furthering this research for patent acquisition and for use of this technology in green applications.  Our company called a halt on this project due to the importance of safeguarding worker health.

Confidential enquiries and discussions about investment opportunities are welcomed from countries, individual investors or groups with a real belief in greening the planet and protecting worker health. Call us now to discuss how your assets can be ethically enriched by investing today in recycling carbon fibre the compassionate way that not only makes money but looks after workers