Our Values


Non-Harming Science

Science with Heart

Non-harming science is at the very heart of what we do. Our approach is not an add-on value to look good on a website. It is the bedrock of our approach. Non harm starts with the vision. It starts with loving the planet and the ground we walk upon . it starts with observing the natural world and being

filled with awed for the complexity of it all. This awe translates to a passion for understanding what we as human beings often take for granted , the beauty of planet earth.

Non-harm flows through to our relationships with ourselves as scientists who enjoy to work and to relax enjoying the fruits of our labour and the natural world , to our relationships with our colleagues , internal and external stakeholders who through our actions and deeds we strive to create fair and equitable relationships of respect. We start our scientific process with love for our planet and the natural world acknowledging that we are a part of this natural world and this is where we bring our actions of care in our scientific practices

We welcome heartfelt , scientific collaboration from countries, companies and individuals who put nature at the heart of what they do. This position comes from a place of strength in the knowledge that we are custodians of the planet and must use resources wisely.


Equality and Equal Opportunities

An Innovative Solution

SCI Green Innovations believe in the fundamental goodness in each employee and endeavour to support each person in their individual growth as scientists and people. Many companies talk about equality and however absolutely do not walk this talk with equality not seen playing out in the board room. We are a small company that believes that everyone can be supported to bring their unique talents into our company irrespective of concepts such as race, sex, sexual orientation, physicality and thought beliefs. Our company welcomes applications from all persons who have a planet centred view of their science irrespective of any other attribute. We welcome neuro-diversity and physical diversity and attempt to make reasonable adjustments wherever we can. Currently all our team members have the ability to work from home and we will be maintaining that flexibility going forward because SCI Green Innovations Ltd wishes to show respect for our employees by simple gestures of support for the individual and creation of a working environment that fosters creativity with focus whilst understanding that remote working can be planet sustaining.

SCI Green Innovations Ltd welcomes business collaborations with companies that walk the talk globally where diversity is concerned.



A Story of Success

“Truth is the beginning of every good thing, both in heaven and on earth; and he who would be blessed and happy should be from the first a partaker of truth, for then he can be trusted.” ~Plato
At Sci Green Innovations Ltd. we interpret truthfulness or honesty as the simply act of living our truth every day through everything that we do.  As a green science, non-polluting company whose values embody non-harm of our planet, we extend through our truth the value of non-harm to our clients, our employees and to other stakeholders.
What this means for our clients is that we honestly and truthfully report on the science we create for you. This means we do not lie about our results even if the results are not what you expected.  We use the scientific methods to observe the reality of our work and to document it and understand it via our understanding of our expertise. The benefit of this to our clients is that they know very early on in the collaboration process whether we can effectively work on their project and get the results they need to the problem they have. This saves them time and money. We believe that being honest and truthful is also efficient and lends itself to better working relationships in the longer term.  If we can not do your project we will tell you, and if we can sign post you to other people we will.
We protect our clients’ work with nondisclosure agreements however in any case if we say we are not talking about a project irrespective of signed agreements we are simply not talking about your project. What this means for our client is that we can be trusted with their valuable strategic information in the knowledge that it is not only legal agreements which keep the relationship working but how we fundamentally believe we do business together.
We model truthfulness in our work environment which means that we use speech processes which enable us to remain connected to others whilst delivering whatever needs to be voiced in ways that are both truthful and non-violent so that the comments can be heard. SCI Green believe it is vital in interdisciplinary teams to be forthright yet respectful, honest yet candid. In this way the very best can be delivered on the science in collaborations that deliver for our customers.
In working with other stakeholders, we use truthfulness to inform our suppliers of our financial situation, we honour our financial and legal agreements and we make provision to “do what we say we will do”. We believe that radical honesty and truthfulness is about honouring other people. What we do effects others and we wish our impact to be non-harming and beneficial.
Part of our honesty and truthfulness is not over-committing so we have to back track and change our plans or create uncertainty. We plan our projects so that we can deliver on time and we keep our customers updated when project timelines change.
SCI Green Innovations Ltd believe that truthfulness fosters trust and that trust is the place where creativity occurs in teams. At Sci Green Innovations Ltd. we value every voice which means in a team everyone has the entitlement to speak. We have observed some highly innovative ideas coming from people very new to our team.
At SCI Green Innovations Ltd hearing everyone and giving everyone a voice means that difficult conversations can be had earlier, and problems spotted quicker and the environment of creativity can be enhanced for everyone. We recognise that no-one has all the answers and we need every voice in the process of creativity.


Focus and Commitment

Finding positive answers

SCI Green Innovations Ltd. believe that commitment and focus manifest in our science in different ways. Commitment is the state of being dedicated to a cause or a belief. We are dedicated to green science innovation.   Our scientific work embodies our ethos of gaining results for our clients that do no-harm. We model the ideas of commitment in four ways.

Scientific commitment comes through physical and mental action that adheres to the scientific method and reports on what we see in the moment, remaining unbiased in our observations to more clearly understand our results.  This type of commitment is the path of scientific thought and we strive to offer you, our client deep thought to create the best outcome for you.

We carry out our scientific commitment by acting on great ideas and taking leaps of creative faith to see the bigger picture and the greater implications of our work and by turning up each day to practice thoughtful consideration of our ideas. This path of daily commitment is the path of scientific action.

Scientists commit to lifelong learning constantly refreshing their knowledge base and very often this love of the natural world starts early in life.  Scientists at SCI Green Innovations Ltd are devoted to our work striving to excel in delivering the green science solutions to the problems our clients bring to us today.

Focus, or the quality of having a clear definition of the problems we seek to solve for our clients is about creating clarity for the teamwork and collaboration that supports creative innovation.  We work on our communication in innovative ways to ensure that projects reach positive fruition and deliver on results.

Commitment, focus, action, life-long learning and devotion to understanding the world creates wisdom.  We encourage all our scientific team to develop knowledge , experience and good judgment so that we can commit fully to the challenges that our clients bring to us and that the science we deliver  creates a better and greener world for us all to live in.