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Patents~A cause for celebration

Patents : SCI Green Innovations Ltd. have now created the first step to building a patent based company.

Our founder Dr. Vandenburg is jointly named on patents 1916199.1, 1916203.1 and 1916205.6 for seaweed extraction processes filed November 2019 for Alginor ASA


Critical review: analytical extraction of additives from polymers

HJ Vandenburg, AA Clifford, KD Bartle, LM Garden… - Analyst, 1997 - pubs.rsc.org

Plastics contain many small molecules as well as the polymer itself. These include additives
to alter the polymer properties or prolong the life of the polymer, such as plasticisers,
antioxidants and ultraviolet (UV) light absorbers. There may also be processing aids …

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A simple solvent selection method for accelerated solvent extraction of additives from polymers

HJ Vandenburg, AA Clifford, KD Bartle, RE Carlson… - Analyst, 1999 - pubs.rsc.org

A simple solvent selection procedure for accelerated solvent extraction (ASE®) of polymers
is described using Hildebrand solubility parameters. A series of extractions with a solvent
with a solubility parameter several Hildebrand units (MPa1/2) different from the polymer are …

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Factors affecting high-pressure solvent extraction (accelerated solvent extraction) of additives from polymers

HJ Vandenburg, AA Clifford, KD Bartle, SA Zhu… - Analytical …, 1998 - ACS Publications

Irganox 1010 (pentaerythritol tetrakis [3-(3, 5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl)] propionate) is
successfully extracted from polypropylene using solvents at high temperatures and
pressures in a homemade accelerated solvent extraction system. For example, using freeze …

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Determination of potential migrants present in Nylon 'microwave and roasting bags' and migration into olive oil

…, JW Gramshaw, HJ Vandenburg - Food Additives & …, 1997 - Taylor & Francis

Two groups of potential migrants were found in Nylon 'microwave and roasting bags'(MRBs):
volatile compounds were released at cooking temperatures and non‐volatile compounds
were extracted with methanol and/or water. A dynamic headspace system at 200° C …

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Comparison of pressurised fluid extraction and microwave assisted extraction with atmospheric pressure methods for extraction of additives from polypropylene