Research and Development

SCI Green innovations Ltd. is a private research and development company whose mission is to utilise our expertise to create a greener planet. We start at the bench, with small scale experiments to prove the ideas and lay the foundation for patent development. This enables customers to prove concepts at early technology development levels and to be able to decide to apply for grant funding for their processes. Sci Green Innovations Ltd. can take your idea and translate it into scientific reality and have the track record to create the innovation that results in entirely new processes that are game changers. 

Our research and development process uses a team-work approach to innovation and this enables innovations to come from unlikely quarters. This approach rejects the idea that only those with the most experience have all the answers and allows all scientists and those with in depth knowledge to be able to ask the questions that challenge the innovation process. This creates effective and robust solutions that remain focused on minimum harm to our planet. 

Our ideal company partners are those who have a fundamental belief in eco-chemistry and the ethics and values that underpin this.