Student Support


Supporting Young Scientists 


SCI Green Innovations Ltd. support young scientists at the start of their careers during work experience in year 9 (15-16 years) and year 11 (16-17 year).  We are listed with who work with business and schools in the UK to co-ordinate workplace studentships.  At Sci Green Innovations Ltd. we pride ourselves on creating real projects that have business value to our company which means young scientists get at the bench knowledge and experience which supports their understanding of the research process and how science in business really works.
We have taken small groups of young scientists to universities like Manchester and Oxford to learn about how university life supports science skill development and to see how their own work can fit into the bigger picture of world knowledge acquisition

Developing Young Scientists


Our school student programme is structured with an interview process for orientation, project allocation and presentation with feedback.  Its important to us that students see that they are contributing to the science process and that their work is valuable. For this reason, we pay all students for their work.
We employ young people at apprenticeship level (from age 16) and are very proud of one such student who attained his qualifications from York College and subsequently gained an unconditional place at York University and another who is now in his placement year at University.
We welcome diversity at SCI Green Innovations Ltd. which means that we support you to expand on the skills you have.  We accept you as you are and we tailor the project to develop your particular skill set help you to see the unique skills you bring in a science and business environment . We will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments to support young scientists in their learning wherever we can.